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I Guess I Better Blog Again…

January 21, 2013

Otherwise known as Random Monday because I can’t come up with much more than rambling thoughts and I need to place them somewhere.

*If you didn’t know, I turned 27 on Thursday. It feels no different from 26 FWIW. It snowed and I was out of class for a good chunk of them day. I hate snow. Plus it’s Alabama and we don’t have the fancy things you Yankees have in order for the state not to shut down. I was just angry because I wanted birthday cake and pizza and didn’t want to drive in the madness. And I was angry about not living in a delivery area because I would have totally ordered pizza. I’m allowed because I’ve delivered pizza in horrible conditions for 5 years so yeah. I wouldn’t have felt guilty either. If you’ve never delivered, you wouldn’t get how shitty it is to make someone deliver pizza during snow/tornado/hail etc.

*I need to start being healthy again because I’m noticing my stomach is getting bigger… So I guess I need to think out some ways to fit that into my time management stuffs.

*I need a book to do an Introduction/Project on for my Research Methods class. I can’t decide between Indian Killer and Perks of Being a Wallflower… or something else?

*I have had a weird obsession with Lana Del Rey and One Direction this week… Apparently I’m a 12 year old girl  AND a middle-aged woman…

*I feel so disconnected with this last semester of college. Like I’ve been to classes, but I don’t feel present. Maybe Senioritis is hitting me.

*William likes to talk with a British accent now and it’s to die for!

*Glee comes back on Thursday!

*Girls is also going to become my new obsession. I’m adding Lena Dunham to the list of people I want to have a beer with.

*I want to audition for a play. Fingers crossed I can get my mom to watch the kiddo for me!!!


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  1. Perks Of Being A Wallflower sounds good. Go hiking with Sydney and I! We should have a Glee party. If you need a sitter while you audition, i'm usually around.

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