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Glee Review: "Naked"

February 2, 2013

So last night’s episode of Glee was MUCH better than last week’s. “Sadie Hawkins” proved to be a snoozefest. We waited over a month for a new episode and it wasn’t worth the wait to me. Along with the whole “Baby Got Back” scandal… which, BTW sucks. The whole cover is just terrible and I listened to Jonathan Coulton (?)’s version and it’s the same. And even as big of a Gleek I am, stealing other’s peoples hard work is shameful. Even if the cover completely blows. The only good song that came out of “Sadie Hawkins” was “Tell Him”.

But last night hit it out of the park. Marley and Jake’s rendition of “A Thousand Years” brought tears to my eyes. And then Jake has to go and sing a more slowed down version of Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)” and I was crying again. Jacob Artist has an incredible voice. The only cover I wasn’t into was when Rachel covered “Torn”. Ryan Murphy tweeted how wonderful a cover it was… and it fell flat. I love Lea Michele and her voice, but she didn’t do it for me this time. And I also enjoyed the mash-up of Hot in Herre/Centerfold. The dancers are phenomenal and Chord Overstreet is amazeballs.

Now to plot. In the first 30 seconds of Glee, we learn that Trenton Warbler is amazing and turned The Warblers in for performance enhancing drugs. So The New Directions are back in the running for Regionals! You know it had to happen. I don’t feel like there was anyway Ryan could have let them lose and that be over. I’m excited to see what Regionals will bring.

Marley and Jake are at the “I love you” phase of their annoying high school relationship. I’m not a Marley fan and they’ve been dating two months, so I was all “give me a break!” Marley annoys me mainly because I can’t look at Melissa Benoist without imagining her tits. Seriously. You show your tits and then come to Glee. I’m not mad, I just can’t focus. Maybe if Melissa played a Kitty type role, I’d take her more seriously.

And BACK TO PLOT: Not only is that whole thing going on, but there Tina comes up with the incredible idea to have a “Men of McKinley” calander in order to raise money for them to go to Regionals. Most of the guys are into it, except for Artie who is self-concious about his body. But he eventually does do the photo shoot. Sam and Brittany get their SAT scores and Brittany gets a near perfect score (by filling in A for a while, then C…) and Sam gets like a 340. So then there’s this bit about how Blaine is going help Sam get into college.

I don’t want to talk about the New York crew because I am SO OVER IT. I’m the biggest Kurt fan, but I wish the show would only focus on McKinley. Lea and Chris are incredible actors and don’t need Glee anymore… but anyways. Rachel has a big decision to make: whether or not to go topless in a student film. Kurt says no. Brody says yes. Quinn and Santana are called in by Kurt to convince Rachel not to. But Rachel decides she wants to anyway. But when she is filming she has a change of heart.

So there’s the summary. Next week, I’m not typing all that out. Jeez. But what did I think? I loved it! It was one of the best this season. I hope next week they do more with Kitty. Even though she is a colossal bitch, I want more character development to see why she is how she is. I’m also wondering where the whole “Marley has bulimia” thing is going to go. If it goes anywhere. We all know Glee doesn’t do very well with continuity. I liked getting to see more Finn vs. Sue conflict and think it’s great that he was able to pull one on her by getting her Penthouse confession on tape. Good job Finn.

And can we talk about how much Finn has grown up? Not only is he looking good these days, but he seems to have found a place where he belongs. I don’t want Mr. Schue to come back!

So there it is. My first official Glee review. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn through this whole review thing and they will get better. This is something I want to do so thank you for entering this growing experience with me. And for all the Jake fans out there:


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