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February 11, 2013

Welcome! Again!!!

Long story short, Blogger was all sorts of pissing me off so I finally bit the bullet and moved back to wordpress. I don’t even know what compelled me to go back to Blogger when I quit The Happy Monster, but I did and it was the massive suck. I still have to mess around with some stuff, but hopefully I can get in looking good in no time.

I’m not quite sure what I want to write about. I’ve had serious writer’s block lately and most of what I’ve been writing has been social media research or essays on circumcision. Boom. And I feel like I’ve really lost my voice. Which blows. Seriously.

I’m even at a stand still in my short story writing. I just keep dead-ending. The only thing I’ve been writing besides school assignments has been my own personal journal. Most of that is just potty training woes and poems that I feel like may be too personal to put up on the blog. But clearly I have no filter on twitter.

I just feel like I’ve been having a weird month. Like I’m not in my own head. I don’t know. But hopefully by writing just whatever right now will help me to find my voice and get on a more solid ground in terms of blogging.


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  1. Just keep writing, eventually something will turn out.

  2. You have a voice. I’m still trying to find mine, too. Maybe if we stop searching and just keep going long enough, our voices will find us instead.

    I also didn’t know you wrote stuff like short stories. Me too! We have more in common than we thought. And I’d love to read your stuff sometime. And I’ll be blog stalking you. Commenting on everything. I’m not kidding.

    Look! I left, like, a really normal sounding comment! Until the stalking part.

    Also: I just saw your tagline and almost peed myself

    • Lol! My short stories are garbage or wanting to become novels. Seriously! I love to write, but I’ve been so consumed in school that blogging has feel by the wayside. And I’m like the best blog reader ever, but I never comment. Oops

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