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It’s Wednesday!

April 4, 2013

And clearly I’ve broken the promise I made to blog about getting healthy and shit every tuesday.

I’ve lost like 5lbs due to being depressed but guys, I have been anything but healthy this week. I did the whole My Fitness pal thing like once so yeah.

When I get sad, I either like stop eating entirely or just binge to the point where I hate myself. Today I felt the effects of not eating enough. I thought I was going to pass out at work and actually had to sit down and eat something after I clocked out before I could even leave just because I felt so awful.

That’s not good… I’m trying to find balance in a lot of aspects in my life and this is one of those that I really need to focus on. And I need to let myself have bad days without feeling the need to purge. Because there’s a lot of other things in my life I need to purge and food isn’t one of them.

I do need to go back to setting weekly goals for myself because that always really helped me. I’m not quite sure what I what to set this week other than try and workout more than I have, but that’s like something I should be doing anyway.

So I’ll try and remember to blog next Tuesday and I apologize for not having too much more to share regarding this topic and if you have any tips let me know.


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