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April 6, 2013

So, I am blogging so I don’t have to do my homework…

I really need to finish up a late assignment and get a bunch of other homeworks done but right now I am just so tired. Even with extra coffee and stuff, I just am so worn down. I think it’s the end of the semester stress getting to me… that and other stress.

And I really really REALLY just want some fucking macaroons… Not macarons that are french colorful yucky sandwich looking things, but some goddamn macaroons that are chocolate and coconut and delightful. I really just want all the fucking sweets in my fucking face right now. Since I can’t really get drunk too much anymore. Look at me replacing alcohol with coffee and sweets, I’m going to get so fucking fat.

There is this cute guy at work and ZOMFG he’s fucking fine. And it’s depressing just how big of a crush I have on this guy. And it’s not the other guy who has a crush on me. He’s like… well, no. He’s cute I guess, but nope. So yeah, there’s that.

I’m in a really random mood. Like I want to cry because of all the things but at the same time I’m just so fucking tired that I don’t even care. I just know that I should be doing homework instead of almost texting someone… or eating the hell out of everything in my pantry while watching dailygrace videos.

I’m currently compiling a huge list of books I want to read once I graduate (someone needs to fucking remind me on Tuesday to buy my cap and gown)… I’ve got a few but I’ve been looking at books about Christianity and spirituality in general. I want to read and write more this summer and I want to do things that I think will better myself.

I am also needing to like get rid of a bunch of stuff. Like I need to go through my closet and throw away a bunch of clothes I’m never going to wear and I just have way too much clutter so one day soon I’m going to clear all this shit out.

I just feel like I need a change or something…


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