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April 6, 2013

So today I only have to work from 6:30 to 11 and that should mean that I have plenty of time to do my homework, housework, laundry, etc… but instead I opened up the article I have to read for social media and then opened up everything else in order to get around what I should be doing.

This is called cognitive dissonance for those who don’t know.

I feel like I am just way too emotionally exhausted to be able to focus on something. Even last night I wanted to come home and finish my assignment that is late for my lit research class but even after drinking coffee and taking a B12 I still passed out. I just feel drained and I only have a month left so I think I should just soldier on and then when the semester is over I can just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Side story: William just punked my ass. He came in and said “Mommy, I’m scared”. I asked him why he was scared and he said “Monsters”. Shit. So here I am thinking he has a legit fear and then he turns around and yelling “RAWR” at me… So that happened. My kid is so cute…

Ok, so now you see how my mind is. I can’t focus. Luckily that article I had to read was super short. Like I read that shit in 5 minutes. Now to come up with a discussion question…

I am just so ready for graduation and finding a job that isn’t as stressful, even though it’s probably not the job itself… it’s probably all the shit I have been going through… I’m just so tired all of the damn time now. I want to find some balance in my life so I dunno.

I kind of wish I had someone to talk all of this through with. Maybe get a different perspective on things and I can figure out how to not feel so horrible all the time.

I guess I seriously need to get shit done now… wish me luck.


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