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My New Addiction

April 18, 2013

2011: BabySteals and Ju Ju Be

2012: Anthropologie and ModCloth

2013: Beauty Products

I have a new thing every year. I love makeup. I used to do makeup and wig and hair stuffs back when I was a theatre major (before I decided to act… and then change schools and become an English major). I’ve always had a love of makeup and loved working on other people’s faces to create something… different.

So I have been perusing the Sephora website, because MAC is becoming Anthro to me… something that I need to stay away from me or I’ll be on the street. But Sephora can be more expensive than MAC but still… I can’t help myself.

So I decided to come up with a wishlist of things I need from Sephora. I really have no good explanations for why I need these, but I’ll try. Also all image credits are from


This is Aqualillies for Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye And Cheek Palette. I don’t really know like what the hell it is really… but it looks cool and I want it.


Bling It On Kit in Rebel: I’ve just gotten back into actually doing my nails recently. For a long time I’ve worked jobs where I couldn’t do anything fun with my nails. And this kit looks pretty cool. I’m not totally sold on the whole “bling” thing, but I think it’d be fun to play with.


Clearly it’s something I need. It’s fucking pink and I bet it feels like heaven just like all of my other brushes from Sephora.


I drink a lot of coffee and have bad fucking genetics (like I had to wear braces for three years bad) so even though I take care of my teeth, I’d like them to be whiter. This is the Glo Brilliant Mouthpiece and Case and is like expensive but again, it just seems super cool and like something I’d want.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE benefit mascara. I have the They’re Real mascara, but I really only want this because of the name… BadGal… I’m weird.


Ok, I’m breaking my rule. These are supposed to be things I don’t have, but want… well, I have this. It’s the Sephora Smoky Eye Kit and I love it. It teachers you step by step how to do a smoky black or brown and I love it. There are other kits similar to this that I want… so there’s that. Boom.


I found this through dailygrace and yeah… I want it. It’s called Sexy Mother Pucker (I can’t handle it) by Soap and Glory.


Another find from dailygrace. It’s called Fame by Lady Gaga and it’s a perfume rollerball thing. I bought MAC lipstick because it had her name on it… and dammit, I just love Gaga…


This is Living Proof Root Lifting Spray… because I have fine hair and it doesn’t do anything, this stuff looked cool to me.


This is liquid eyeliner from Stila and I never use liquid eyeliner but I’ve always wanted to try this and have heard good things. And it’s waterproof so whenever I tear up from laughter, I won’t have to fix my eyes… maybe.

So there you have it. The top 10 things I want right now from Sephora. It’ll probably change next week. And now I’m going to go cry because I’m poor.



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