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A Day of Rest

April 19, 2013

Finals are coming up. I should be submerged in homework and studying and books and catching up in order to succeed at these finals, but right now, today, I want to rest. Give my brain a break because I know that the next eleven days are going to consist of me being stressed and working hard to maintain my good grades and succeed in my last semester of my bachelor’s degree.

I just want to lay around and just chill before I have to go to work and then tomorrow I know I will become stressed to the max Type A Jess who has to work and go to school and do ALL THE STUDYING. I need a day for my brain to relax. I want to read and relax and just not think about anything.

Because I’m kind of sad. I’m sad that this phase of life is over. I’m happy that I am finally earning my degree and I’m happy to have an eight month break before grad school, but I’m sad. I’ve made some great friends and I’m sad to have to see them go. I know we have social networks that allow me to still talk to them and I can text them when I want, but I won’t see them as much as I do now and it sucks.

It’s weird. I wish I had the freedom to just go out and party and hang out with all of them but I really don’t. So it sucks right now thinking about how I might never see some of these people again. I want to still be friends and connect with them, but I dunno. I hate losing anyone that I care about so right now I’m just going to be happy and focus on the endgame.


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