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Oh hai!

May 26, 2013

I just realized I haven’t blogged since Tuesday. I have been working out the kinks in my drafts and trying to figure out if I should even post them, but yeah. I also have been focused on vlog posts so I haven’t thought of what I should actually write about.

I’ve been writing a lot of fiction and am hoping to come out with something good.

I also quit my job and have been trying to find a new one. Wish me luck. I have an interview on Thursday and am working on Tuesday for one of Chase’s friends, but that isn’t a regular gig.

So hopefully I will have regular employment in the next couple of weeks or else I’m going to have to take William out of daycare and then my ability to search for jobs will have to remain online and when Chase is off. So, yeah… here’s hoping…

I’ve been studying for the GRE and I need to figure out when I can take it so I can get this grad school business stuff underway. I still don’t know if I’m going to stay with UAH or not, but I need to get all of this stuff done soon.

So my main priority right now is finding a new job and getting a budget together so I can stop stressing so bad.


And hopefully, I’ll have more interesting blogs and vlogs coming your way!


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