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May 31, 2013

So I’ve been thinking about where I want to take my blog in terms of do I want to still try and be a “lifestyle” blogger or do I want to find one particular focus and do that? I mean, I like blogging about my life, but I kind of want to challenge myself. I’ve been thinking about trying to focus more on style/beauty/fashion and doing my weekly health blogs as well. I mean, I’d still blog about my life every so often, but I do need to find where I fit in the world of blogging/writing. I feel very scattered.

So for the time being, I’m going to try it out and see where it takes me. I’m thinking of different blog names but what I’ve come up with is Jessica’s Blog and the tagline would be something like “I’m Not Good With Blog Titles” or something. I don’t know. I just know that this is something I want to do with my life so I really need to work at it and pursue it to where I can be taken seriously instead of whining about how much I need a job or I hate people who cut me off or whatever. That’s what twitter is for. Duh.

So I’m not changing a lot right away. It’ll be trial and error. So hopefully my few and awesome readers will stay with me and continue to give me awesome advice. Because you guys really rock and have helped me throughout this blogging process.



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