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Today in Social Media…

September 5, 2013

^Check out the new name! I’m not sure if it is temporary or permanent but I do like it better. And it gives me room to blog about whatever.

So today I’m going to go back to parenting. But not just parenting; learning to ditch the double standards.

This morning I awoke to this pile of self-righteousness cluttering my newsfeed:

As my friend Jami said: “Hurry girls. You want to make sure and remove anything that might lower your chances to snag a Hall boy.”

Now. Now. Really now. I get it. I’m not a religious person, but I do understand not wanting your teenage daughter (or 27 year old daughter, 82 year old daughter) traipsing around the interwebs barely clothed and looking like a *gasp* sexual being. But this woman makes it seem like her sons are the cream of the crop and they would never look at boobs or think of women in a sexual way until they are married. FYI Mrs. Hall, I can guarantee you they masturbate. I can guarantee that yeah, the bra-less, shorty short pj girls are hurting their pure minds… BUUUUT, in my lifetime of talking to guys, it doesn’t matter what they wear. The less clothes the better sure, but she could be wearing the classiest most modest thing and he’d still want to tear into her. BECAUSE THEY ARE TEENAGE BOYS!

“What has been seen can’t be unseen” Yes it can. Just ask any of the guys I’ve been friends with or in a relationship with. But I’m also a disgusting human being.

This whole blog post is creepy. Before Mrs. Hall ultimately edited her post, she had pictures of her sons (and husband) in beachwear, topless, striking masculine poses. Pot, meet Kettle. It’s also very weird that they have creepy let’s look at our social media and creep on people as a family. I understand that as a parent you need to be aware of what your child is doing online. YOUR CHILD. Don’t berate other children for what they do. Someone forgot what it’s like to be a teenager. A teenage girl particularly. I didn’t have any form of social media when I was a teenager. But MySpace didn’t come out until 2003 and I did not even get one until late 2004 after I had graduated high school. I didn’t have quick access to upload pictures of myself onto the internet. Would I have taken indecent pictures of myself at 17? I can’t say. Unfortunately in this world, we have a problem with teenage girls needing attention in terms of wanting to fit in and wanting to be pretty. They need validation and I think social media is an easy way. And it gets easy with the less you wear. Why don’t we try fixing that problem. I wish girls could get more likes for a picture of her A+ report card over a picture of her duckfacing with her cleavage up to her chin, but right now we don’t live in that kind of world.

But I’m ranting. What I really think you all should do is read this:

It’s perfect. She articulates this side of the argument much better than I can. And she addresses the double standard issue as well. Her name is Rebecca Hains and I am glad I found this blog to follow. *Slow claps* MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS.

Until next time…


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