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The Waiting Game

October 13, 2013

I’m writing so I don’t drive myself crazy over waiting. “Hurry up and wait” is apparently one of the Army’s mottos. I had to hurry up and get my packet together and now I have to wait until Tuesday (earliest) to talk to my recruiter and figure out what’s next. I’m not sure about MEPS yet, but I am going to see when the next one is. If it’s more than a month away and I happen to get approved to go even without William’s SS card, I might just beg my co-worker to switch shifts with me. I will work seven days in a row if it means getting this stuff done.

So while I wait I have been working out, studying for the ASVAB, and scouring the internet for Army videos and information while watching The Vampire Diaries. By the way: For you ladies considering joining the military; there are so many videos on how to do a sock bun and what to pack for basic. So much good information.

I think that the less I think about Tuesday, the faster it will get here. William isn’t feeling well so I have one less thing to keep me occupied. No dance parties for us today 😦  I have cleaned and purged a bunch of stuff I don’t need in hopes I will find the mystery SS card for William even though I don’t think we have one for him.

So yeah. I may blog 29837349409 between now and Tuesday just because I need something to do. Going to keep positive and keep my fingers crossed that soon I’ll be on my way to being a soldier!


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