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No MEPS for me… yet…

October 21, 2013

So last week I wrote about going to MEPS and being excited and whatnot… well. I’m still here at home. I’m most likely going next Monday and Tuesday, but due to my hospital not getting my gallbladder surgery information to my recruiter until THIS MORNING, I was unable to go. It’s annoying but I’m trying not to let it get me down. I have another week to study for the ASVAB and get in shape for the “duck walk”. I’m just hoping my recruiter can convince whoever he needs to convince to keep my 25V job. Because really, it’s not my fault. I was ready for MEPS. I called and my recruiter called the hospital to get these forms on time. I actually, physically, went up there today and they gave me some b.s. reason about not getting it to them last week and I was all “Well, I’m probably going to lose my good army job because of it.” Maybe I won’t though. I’m trying to keep everything positive. I meet with my recruiter tomorrow and we can go over whatever we need to go over. Plus I can ask him more specific questions regarding MEPS.

I totally thought it would be the social security stuff that kept me from going too… Haha nope. Ugh… but this has been an all-around hard weekend anyway. I should have known that bad news comes in threes haha. First, I have to deal with Chase’s friend being there all weekend, then she steals perfume from me, and now this. Maybe everything I’m having to deal with right now will turn into something positive. Oh, and to all of my facebook friends: Sorry about all the ranting I’ve posted. It’s been a harsh 24 hours haha.

I want this week to fly by so I can hurry up and get everything going for my being a future soldier. I’ve been told that nothing in the military comes without complications or goes smoothly, so maybe this is my one roadblock. Or maybe if my 25V doesl vanish it’ll be so that I can get 25M or 46Q haha. I do really want to still do 25V. I think all three of those are low density and hard to get.

But for now I’m going to drown my sorrows in pizza and Allegiant (when it releases).


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