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My Decision to Join the Army

November 4, 2013

Even though I haven’t started with BCT or anything; I figured I would go ahead and share my story of why I decided to join the Army.

I have never known really what I wanted to do in life. Marriage and family? Check. College? Check. But career? I didn’t know. I know I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and be able to do something meaningful. Well, I knew I’d like to do some writing and communications but the problem there lay in the fact that I had no work experience in those fields. I applied and applied to entry-level jobs but for some reason entry-level equals 2-5 years experience. Yeah. I know. It doesn’t make sense to me either.

So I applied for an job selling insurance. I didn’t get much out of the career fair at my college: an interview with New York Life, Zellus Marketing, and Tutor Doctor. The lady at Tutor Doctor never e-mailed me back and when she did, she couldn’t remember what days I had off and would schedule me on my on-days so I finally gave up on her. I took the internship at Zellus (which is awesome!) and had two interviews with New York Life before deciding that selling insurance might not be for me. Mainly it was the whole commission only thing. I had a phone interview with Verizon too… but I found out during the interview that because I work for Staples, I am ineligible to work at Verizon. Yeah. It’s dumb. Ok, enough rambling about that.

Anyways, I work with a couple people who are in the Army National Guard. I was telling my supervisor about selling insurance or something- I don’t know- somehow though her being in the Army was brought up. Oh yeah, because she was going to a training thing or something. Well, I did both the New York Life and Verizon interviews a couple of days later and both were a bust. So I decided that I should look into the Air Force. My dad and both grandfathers were in the Air Force so why not? I facebook messaged my friend’s husband about it and set up a meeting with a recruiter. The meeting seemed to go well until the next day when she called and said I’d only be able to go OTS (Officer Training School) because of my age. She said she’d talk to her supervisor and get back with me, but she didn’t. So I decided that the next day I would go across the street after work to the Army Recruiting center thingy and get information there.

It was like a breath of fresh air. Something new and exciting. Everybody there seemed friendly and well to be honest, ready to throw me into the army the next day, But they are recruiters haha. I took the pre-test and apparently did very well. Well enough to excite them and give me the info that I needed to join. I got advice about telling my mom about my decision and an application to fill out to bring back the next day. So I did come back the next day and brought all the necessary stuff in order to process in the system. This past month really has been a blur. Last Tuesday, I went to MEPS and swore in to the US Army. It was a loooonnnnnggg day and I’ll save that for another blog post, but yeah. My job is 25V which is combat document production specialist. I’ll be able to take and edit pictures and videos and do other production type stuff. I leave for Fort Jackson, SC in late January. It’s going to be really hard leaving Chase and William, but I am doing this for them.

I know, I don’t think I’ve really touched on the why of it all. I kind of rushed through the how but why did I do it? I did think about doing Reserves or National Guard, but I want a full time job. And after tallying up how much I’d actually earn, it would be enough for our family. Plus, I want to get out of Alabama. I want to better my family’s life. Chase can use my GI Bill to go to college, William will also be able to go to school with my VA. We will have money enough where I won’t be upset because William can’t have a birthday party or Christmas. I can pay my bills and have extra. I can go to Officer Candidacy School 6 months- 1 year after AIT and increase my income. The more I researched the Army, the more it seemed to be a good fit. And I lucked up because I will actually be able to use my degree in my MOS. So yeah, I know I’m almost 28 and have a family and my experience is going to be so much different than a lot of others because of this, but I am excited about it. I’m ready to finally be a part of something bigger than myself and contribute to my country.

I think I covered it all. I don’t know, but if anyone has any questions about my decision or wants to chat about it with me, feel free to contact me. I’m very excited to go to BCT!


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