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What I’m Doing in November

November 6, 2013

I have about 2 months until my ship off date and I plan to make each one of them count. I’m hoping to get a second job soon to get us through the holidays to help out but I have other things that are going to keep me busy.

*I started National Novel Writing Month (NaNo WriMo) a few days ago and have almost 6,000 words written. If you’re on there, buddy me!My username is jnserrett

*I have future soldier training each Tuesday. That and doing my own running and exercising almost daily will probably keep me busy. I also have to take online training before my ship date so that’s going be a time consumer too. I had my first PT Tuesday and it was fun. I was the only girl so that’s gotta change haha. I think it’ll make me want to do better so I can hang with the guys.

*I’m going to read as much as I can. I have a long list of books saved in my phone and I won’t get to a lot of them until I’m done with AIT in October.

*Netflix. I plan on finishing a couple of shows before I leave. This month I want to finish Secret Life of the American Teenager. I know, it’s a big goal. Considering I’m on episode 14 and there’s like 100.

*Clean and organize. Better to do this now than later. That includes gathering a list of extra things to bring with me to boot camp that may not be on the general list. In the organizing category I also have to legally change my last name to Chase’s and make sure that all of my finances will be in order by the time I leave. Again, better to do this sooner than later.

*My internship. I have assignments to do for it so that will take up time for the next two months.

My number one goal this month is to find a second job so we can get caught up financially before I leave. We aren’t bad off, but I won’t be paid until probably the end of February so it’s best for us to make sure Chase and William are ok for at least 6 weeks. So be keeping your fingers crossed for me.


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