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The Run

January 10, 2014

This morning I dropped off William at school, kissed his cheek, ruffled his hair, said goodbye.

Drove to the park and went on a run.

Training to be a better me. There won’t be many more mornings like this. I leave soon and for nine months there will be no sweet baby cuddles or carrying the kiddo to school. No more “good mornings” said to Chase or William.

Pick up the pace. Focus on breathing. I wish I had been more diligent with running. Soon my days won’t be my own anymore. Not that I have too much freedom now. Work, wife, mom, work, wife, mom. But my time is spent with my approval.

The wind hits me and tears spring to my eyes. Wipe them off with a gloved hand. This is a choice I made. I will be the best soldier I can be. I will get through this. I will fight for it. Because it is for them. It’s also for me. I can be strong. I will be strong. They will be ok without me. They will adjust. It’s not forever.

Slow down. Put my hands on my head and cool down. Perfect morning for a run. I finally have found my purpose. I have a reason to fight and work harder than ever before. Everything I’ve done the past several years has been for my family. Everything will work out.

I walk to my car, open the door, and drive home. I won’t get to do this much longer.


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