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Guess Who’s Back?

May 4, 2014

Hey y’all!

Well I’m out of basic. I graduated April 3rd and got to Fort Meade for AIT on the 4th. So I’ve been here for a hot minute. I’m been learning to adjust to this new place and the military in general. It’s a HUGE adjustment. We still can’t have our phones until we phase up… but luckily I’ll be able to phase up as soon as I pass my PT test on Monday. So I’m excited. I’ve been a little like worried though because I feel like I suck hard at photography but I guess I have to start somewhere…

It’s been alright here. Like there have been times that I’ve really hated life and have been stressed but I think everyone feels like that at times… well, here at the detachment haha. Basic was an experience. One that I really can’t describe.

Ok: so I’m final back to finish this post. Phased up whomp whomp. So AIT life is going to get better. I’ll try and do better about blogging. Sorry my first post back is awful haha. But if anyone has any questions about basic or AIT or army life send them to me via email and I’ll do a q&a post ASAP.


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